VSM / Application / Complex-shaped products

Complex-shaped products

Sculptures, fences, waterfalls, decorative panels, bins, benches, monuments, stuccowork, tiles, ducts, casings, pipes, flowerbeds, etc.

Though the variety of small concrete products is huge, there is a number of common problems, which can be solved by application of VSM. There are some benefits ensured by VSM:

  • reduced shrinkage, shrinkage cracking is eliminated;
  • reduced number of faulty products;
  • improved surface quality;
  • significantly increased impact strength resulting in lower risk of damage while demoulding, transporting and processing;
  • improved water impermeability and freeze-thaw stability.

Economic efficiency:

  • reduced number of defects and losses while demoulding, transporting and installing;
  • reduced or fully eliminated structural reinforcement;
  • increased turnround of moulds and labour efficiency;
  • possibility to save cement or other binding agent.

Recommended fiber length: 6,12 mm.

VSM-fiber content depends on the product, its size, binding agent and technological procedure.