VSM / Application / Plasters


Micro-reinforced plasters and renders have significant advantages over conventional ones:

  • up to 100% reduced shrinkage cracking;
  • increased bond of wet plaster mix and the previous layer, which makes it possible to skip prime coating and to exclude the need of lathing;
  • the fibers improve adhesion to the next finishing layer;
  • improved weather resistance (temperature fluctuations, exposure to weather changes: rain-snow-wind-sunshine);
  • higher water impermeability due to lower number of pores formed by water leaving the surface;
  • higher plasticity and deformability of render coating due to increased flexural strength (it is particularly important during the shrinkage stage of a new building);
  • increased impact resistance of edges and corners, preventing chipping;
  • better freeze-thaw resistance and durability.
  • reduced rebound when shotcreting.

Economic efficiency:

  • reduced or full elimination of structural reinforcement;
  • reduced number of defects, enhanced surface characteristics;
  • less frequent maintenance required;
  • a substitute for more expensive additives;
  • increased labour efficiency (due to possibility to apply thicker layers in one pass);
  • possible cement saving.

VSM-fiber recommendations:

Recommended fiber length: 12 and 18 mm.

Recommended dosage:

600 g/m3 of mortar.

Fiber length depends on the binding agent, surface area and application technology.

Fiber length and optimal dosage for a certain type of concrete and its application can be defined individually through comparative testing.