VSM / Application / Refractory and heat-proof concretes

Refractory and heat-proof concretes

Application: lining of industrial furnaces, ladles, foundations of blast and open-hearth furnaces, chimneys, etc.

VSM produces the following basic effect when mixed into refractory and heat-proof concrete:

  • Due to complete burnout of polymer fibers at 350° C (mass fraction of ash is 0.035%) refractory concretes acquire optimal porous structure, what results in reduced explosive rupture risk.

Besides, VSM has positive effect at the stage of formation and hardening of concrete mix through stress relieving and reduced cracking, as well as through increased impact strength.

Economic efficiency:

  • reduced number of faulty products;
  • increased operational life of products.

Recommended fiber length is 6 mm.

Fiber length and optimal dosage for a certain type of concrete and its application can be defined individually through comparative testing.