VSM / Application / Industrial floors and screeds

Industrial floors and screeds

Industrial floors and screedsIndustrial floors and screeds

Floors of warehouses, industrial and agricultural buildings, outdoor concrete grounds, floors and linings of residential multi-apartment and private houses, etc.

Concrete floors and screeds are beyond the most popular kinds of concrete structures. At the same time they are the most critical structural elements of a construction project. Quality and reliability of the concrete monolith is of primary importance for the whole structure. Up-to-date requirements to concrete floors are very strict. Floors shall be even, durable, crack-free, capable of standing to vibration and temperature loads and water-impermeable.

Advantages of VSM-modified concrete floors and screeds:

  • shrinkage cracking is eliminated;
  • increased compression and tensile strength;
  • significantly increased resistance to impact and vibration load;
  • elimination of concrete segregation;
  • improved wear- and dusting-resistance;
  • higher labour efficiency ;
  • reduced shrinkage;
  • improved freeze-thaw resistance and water tightness.

Besides, introduction of VSM helps to some extent reduce negative impact of the low quality of the concrete and violation of concrete works technology.

Economic efficiency:

  • higher quality and reduced number of faulty products;
  • less steel reinforcement required.

Recommendations for application of VSM:

Recommended fiber length: 6, 12 and 18 mm. Fiber length depends on the thickness of concrete lining and fractional content.

Content of VSM in the mixture depends on the goals to be achieved. Approximate recommended content is as follows:

  • 0.6 kg of VSM per 1 m3 of concrete mixture is added to prevent shrinkage cracking;
  • 0.9 kg of VSM per 1 m3 of concrete mixture is added to make floors more durable and eliminate cracking.

Fiber length and optimal dosage for a certain type of concrete and its application can be defined individually through comparative testing.