Cement-concretes for road and runway pavement

Cement-concretes for road and runway pavementCement-concretes for road and runway pavement

Cement concrete pavements have a number of considerable advantages over asphalt coating. Such advantages as high durability, stability of road-service quality and ability to withstand large operational loads are of prime importance. Cement concrete outperforms manyfold asphalt coating regarding such properties as strength, water impermeability and waterproofness, freeze-thaw stability, wearability, grip with tires and many others.

Application of VSM in cement concrete pavements produces the following effect:

  • increased compression and tensile strength;
  • significantly increased impact strength;
  • increased freeze-thaw resistance;
  • increased water impermeability;
  • shrinkage cracking is eliminated;
  • increased wearability;
  • increased durability;
  • increased labour efficiency;
  • improved workability of the mix.

Economic efficiency:

  • enhanced quality of the pavement;
  • less maintenance required;
  • considerably increased durability;
  • cement saving possibility;
  • a substitution for more expensive air-entraining additives;
  • possibility to reduce the amount of steel reinforcement.

Fiber length and optimal dosage for a certain type of concrete and its application can be defined individually through comparative testing.