Guniting / shotcreting is a concreting technology widely used for erection of thin-walled reinforced-concrete structures (arches, reservoirs, etc.), finishing of tunnels, damp-proofing and flashing of prefabricated construction elements, repair and reinforcement of concrete and ferroconcrete structures and products etc. Shotcretes are distinguished by high requirements to strength, density, water impermeability. Besides, this concreting method has a number of specific requirements.

VSM has the following valuable effect on concrete mixes used for shotcreting:

  • shrinkage cracking is eliminated;
  • increased durability;
  • reduced rebound by 20-30%;
  • no segregation;
  • improved water impermeability and freeze-thaw resistance.

Economic efficiency:

  • reduced number of faulty products;
  • cost saving due to reduced mix consumption as a result of smaller rebound by 20-30%.

Recommended fiber length is 6, 12 mm

Fiber length and optimal dosage for a certain type of concrete and its application can be defined individually through comparative testing.