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VSM-ТМК — Modifying component for oil wells.

The “C-Airlaid” Company presents a new technology that helps increase the efficiency of operations related to construction and capital repairs of oil wells, namely to provide cementing of annular space around the casing when working in lost circulation conditions. Our idea is to add “VSM-ТМК” in the course of remedial operations performed in oil wells. “VSM-ТМК” is a specifically designed fiber 6mm and 12 mm long, 17-25 µm in diameter, intended for complex modification and reinforcement of cement matrix.

Modification of oil-well grouts with “VSM-ТМК” fibers produces positive effect on the properties of such grouts and further on the cement matrix:

  • ensures sedimentation stability of oil-well grouts accompanied by reduced dehydration;
  • effectively seals the thief formation due to significant resistance to penetration of the grout, which effect is reached thanks to cramped spontaneous realignment of fibers (located along the flow direction where the cement enters pores and cracks of the formation) in cramped conditions;
  • reduces losses of oil-well grout to thief formations by 25-35%;
  • eliminates shrinkage cracking;
  • forms matrix impermeable for liquids and gases;
  • increases adhesion to surface of rocks and cracks, as well as the casing;
  • speeds-up strength gain provided hardening takes place in static conditions;
  • The cement matrix, formed I “VSM-ТМК”-modified cements is distinguished by tensile and bending strength increased by 15-20%;
  • VSM-ТМК improves resistance of the cement matrix to significant alternating loads, occurring as a result of flow-string perforation and pulling-and-running operations.