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Safety, transportation and storage

General safety, labour safety and environmental requirements

VSM, produced according to Technical Specifications TU 2272-006-13429727, does not emit any toxic substances into the environment and does not bring any harm to a person when contacted directly. Work with VSM does not require any special safety precautions.

VSM is not among the “hazardous goods” according to GOST 19433-88.

VSM is explosion- and fire-proof and belongs to the 3-rd class of hazardous substances according GOST 12.1.077.

VSM does not irritate the mucous membrane of the eyes, upper airways and unprotected skin.

Transportation and storage

VSM fiber shall be transported by all kinds of covered transportation means, preventing the cargo from being exposed to dirt and moisture, according to the Transportation Rules for this kind of transport.

Bags with VSM-fiber shall be stored indoors, the humidity of the environment shall not exceed 60%, the temperature range is from +5º C to +40ºC.

Fiber storage period in opened bags is limited to 60 days.

In construction technology laboratories opened bags with fiber shall be kept in exiccators (containers for keeping substances dry) or in a polyethylene bag put into another polyethylene bag (zip-lock bags can also be used).


The manufacturer guarantees conformity of VSM with requirements of the Technical Specifications if transportation, storage and application rules are obeyed. Warranty shelf life is 12 months after packing.

After the warranty period is over VSM shall be tested to confirm that it still complies with the requirements of the Technical specifications.