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Ufa, “MEGA” Mall, concrete floors

Ufa, “MEGA” Mall, concrete floors

The use of VSM synthetic fibres for the flooring in commercial and office premises was conditioned by the high quality and durability requirements to the structures performing in rather difficult conditions. High operating loads of a different nature (dead loads of shop and warehouse equipment and goods, load impact of loaders, stacking trucks and a large flow of visitors) and customer recommendations motivated designers to apply the fiber-reinforced concrete technology. As a result, they decided to use VSM fibre produced by “C-Airlaid” company to floor the major part of the complex. Besides, depending on the facility type and operating loads the fibre was used in the following combinations:

  • fibre only, without steel reinforcement;
  • VSM fibre with steel fibre;
  • fibre combined with steel reinforcement.

Fibre applied for the facility: VSM-II-12 (coaxial, polypropylene, 12 mm-length), the dosage is 900 g/m3 of the ready mix.

“Mega” Shopping and Leisure Centre is a family shopping centre managed in Russia by MEGA Development AG Company.