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VSM Application Technology

VSM ease of use is a distinguishing feature of VSM microreinforcement technology.

Maximum convenience is determined through fast and even clump-free distribution of fiber in the mix, as well as simple mixing procedure that requires no special equipment.

The following recommendations will help to increase efficiency of VSM application:

Fiber-concrete mix shall be produced in concrete mixers, able to ensure its homogeneity.

Preparation methods:

  1. Preparation of dry mix: first mix aggregates, binding agent and VSM; then add mixing water and possible liquid chemical agents according to the formula and mix properly until the mix is ready, then pour out;
  2. The mix can also be prepared in a conventional way, followed by addition of VSM and mixing.
  3. Preparation of concrete mix in a concrete mixer-lorry:
    • During or after filling the mixer with concrete mix the driver or his assistant places water-dissoluble bags in the mixer. The time of delivery of concrete mix to the destination (but not less than 25 minutes) is usually enough for uniform distribution of fiber;
    • When VSM is added on-site, water-dissoluble bags are placed into the mixer-lorry and then properly mixed. Mixing time is 5-15 minutes depending on the concrete mix volume.
  4. Manual mixing or application of a gravity-type mixer is also possible. This type of mixing is used for modification of dry construction mixes or custom-made mixed according to SP 82-101 “Preparation and application of building mortars”.

Introduction of VSM does not require additional mixing water in order to increase the slump.

VSM offers safe and easy application.

VSM does not affect the work of concrete pumps, pressure guns and other equipment.

The fiber has high resistance to alkali.

The fiber is compatible with all types of chemical additives to concretes (plasticizing, water-repelling, accelerating and retarding, air-entraining, gas-forming, etc.)

The "C Airlaid" Company has developed detailed guidelines for application of VSM fiber in various concrete works and production of various concrete products.