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VSM-Foam concrete

VSM-Foam Concrete synthetic fiber was specifically invented for application in products and solid structures made of cell concrete.

Attention! This fiber is not completely analogous to VSM-Concrete and is not suitable for production of other types of concrete.

Application efficiency of this fiber type in cell concretes is easy to observe as:

  • Removal of formwork does not result in splitting of edges or break-up of the concrete block, which means the product has higher quality and is not prone to defects forming.
  • Our customers put special value on higher transportability of concrete blocks and their ability to retain integrity during assembly due to higher impact strength of corners and edges.
  • VSM fiber provides for production of items of accurate geometrical shapes, which in their turn allow adhesive-based assembly reducing cross-section of cold bridges and save masonry mortars.
  • Introduction of fiber reduces primary hardening period. The obtained structural strength is enough to allow early demolding.

The fiber shall be introduced while mixing (0.9 kg of VSM per 1 cub.m. of concrete mix) prior to introduction of a foaming agent.

It does not bring any further changes into the production technology. Fiber reinforcement of foam concrete does not impose any extra loads on the equipment or cause any operational difficulties.