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VSM-ВMK — Drilling fluids modifier.

“VSM-ВMK” is a hydrophilic well-dispersible synthetic fiber 6, 12 and 18 mm long, 18-25 µm in diameter.

“VSM-ВMK” additive is intended for application in oil and gas production as a complex dispersive modifier of drilling fluids in order to adjust their filtering and rheological properties. “VSM-ВMK”, evenly dispersed in the drilling fluid, changes its structural and mechanical properties, enables highly efficient cuttings transport and is meant for significant reduction of water-loss without any considerable viscosity growth of the fluid.

Experimental and field works on application of VSM show that structure-forming fibers have the following effect:

  • increase in drilling speed by 25% due to efficient cuttings transport;
  • lower percolation of the drilling fluid, reduction in circulation loss in porous layers by 35%;
  • 50% thinner filter cake (from 6 to 3 mm and less, with the same filtering properties);
  • lower content of expensive polymers and special clays, traditionally used for adjustment of drilling fluid viscosity;
  • drilling fluids are stable and not prone to sedimentation.