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About us

About us

The “C-Airlaid” Company, established in 2004, is a member of the «INSI» Holding Company, one of the largest manufacturers of construction materials in Russia. “C-Airlaid” is the single enterprise in Russia experienced in research, development and production of synthetic 3D-reinforcement coat-core fiber, a modern modifying additive to concretes that increases their physical, mechanical and operational properties. At present our company is the largest and pre-eminent producer of synthetic fiber in CIS countries.

In terms of quality and functionality, the fiber elaborated by experts of “C-Airlaid” LLC, is second to none among the best world samples. Intellectual property rights regarding production of fiber, microreinforcement technology and modification of cement-based concretes belong to the “C-Airlaid” company and are protected by patents of the Russian Federation and international Patent Cooperation Treaty Application.

The company carries out vast scientific research aiming at creating new types of reinforcing fibers for various construction composites.